What Clients Say

John P. McNicholas
McNicholas & McNicholas LLP Trial Laywers

This case settled “on the courthouse steps” as the saying goes. It is confidential and so I am restricted in my comments.

But for your “expert” intervention, the defense “manufacturer-installer” would have escaped unscathed. With your “expert” intervention they were compelled to enter into a settlement on the day the case was set for trial.

As I said above, the settlement is confidential but I can tell you this: Our client got her job (and dignity) back. It was a long road back for her from the trauma ofthe sexual assault. Your attention to detail made this possible. Your deposition testimony was the keystone to a very successful resolution of a very difficult case.

Thanks for your help. I hope our paths cross again.

Michelle M. Tullio
Esq., Lanfrit & Tullio, LLC

It is truly my belief that without your professional testimony this might have gone the other way. Justice has been served in this case!! On behalf of myself and my client we thank you for such competent work. I would highly recommend you in the future to clients and collegues of mine. Not just because we were successful (although that is a plus) but because you are truly an excellent expert in that you conduct such a complete investigation and have the ability to effectively communicate your opinions. Thanks again Jeff !!!!

Michael H. Wolf
Esquire, P.A. Attorney At Law

Mr. Zwirn demonstrates an intricate knowledge of legal issues pertaining to security and negligent security type cases; aggressively investigates and interprets data and is always available for consultation to answer questions and provide direction. I might add that I have won every case in which I’ve involved Mr. Zwirn.

Jeffrey F. Gordon
Esquire, Broad and Cassel

Your input during the discovery process and your deposition testimony were critical in helping us to obtain a successful outcome for our client. It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to be able to work together again in the future.

E.A. “Seth” Mills
Jr.,Mills Paskert Divers P.A.

Please allow this letter to serve as a letter of recommendation to you for your work in the above referenced matter. In this case you were handed a difficult assignment to assess the alarm system of a Miami based warehouse where a substantial theft had occurred almost two years prior to your engagement. You came in and did an excellent job in assessing the conditions, preparing us to meet the opposing expert’s opinions and in reviewing and understanding all of the facts, depositions and documents related to this case. Thank you for your assistance and valuable insight relating to this case. If I may answer any questions or provide you with additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

J.P. Sawyer, Beasley, Allen
Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.

I am writing to confirm that the referenced matter has been resolved. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this case. Your input into the case was critical for us in reaching a resolution that was favorable for our client. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Peter S. Vallas

I am the president of Peter Vallas Associates, Inc. I am a multi-disciplined forensic investigator and engineering firm specializing in expert witness testimony for the legal insurance and manufacturing industry. As part of many of my associates Mr. Jeffrey Zwirn has been an associate and a valuable affiliate to my organization.

His expertise, background in education associated with the technical, engineering and forensics surrounding alarm systems and electronics has assisted my staff and clients for many years. His dedication to the industry and his vast knowledge of equipment as well as his impeccable performance as an expert witness has benefited our industry. His commitment to the integrity of his work ethics is impeccable and I highly recommend Mr. Zwirn as a valuable asset to all organizations and affiliates that are in our engineering circle. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you should have any questions please contact me at my corporate headquarters.

John D. Gulyas
Esquire, Heim & McEnroe

I have received and reviewed the fax copy of the report you have prepared in this matter. I find the report addresses the claims of the plaintiff in a direct and stark fashion, thereby leaving no room for argument. I believe the report, in its present form, would be understood by any reader, regardless of whether they possess knowledge of alarm systems. In short, I find the report to be excellent and ask that you forward a printed version at your earliest opportunity.

Steven C. Toups
Esquire, Weller, Green, Toups, & Terrell, L.L.P.

I strongly recommend Jeffrey Zwirn as an expert in the area of fire and security alarms. I utilized Mr. Zwirn’s services in a fire case concerning alarm issues this past year and I was very impressed with Mr. Zwirn’s tremendous knowledge in the area of fire and security alarms. Mr. Zwirn’s expertise was instrumental in both the handling and successful resolution of our litigation. Should you have any questions regarding my experience with Mr. Zwirn, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Layne Verebay, Esquire
Freedman & Verebay, P.A. Attorneys At Law

I highly recommend Jeffrey D. Zwirn as an expert witness. As a result of his wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of burglar and fire alarms, Mr. Zwirn has offered invaluable assistance in trial strategies.

George B. Slattery
CPP, CFE, CP, The Slattery Corporation

My client has thanked me for referring you; he and his Firm were most impressed with your professional case analysis, preparation and presentation. You are tops in your field.