The Alarm Science Manual™


  • The Alarm Science Manual™ is a first of its kind authoritative peer reviewed forensic treatise on security systems.
  • The Alarm Science Manual™ provides Scientific advice and advanced methodologies to help minimize liability now, while providing your customers with the most advanced, effective and reliable security systems available.
  • Peer reviewed by alarm, security, and legal experts.
  • Utilized by the New York City Police Department (NYPD), The Nations Leader in Law Enforcement, in their training curriculum.
  • Forensic knowledge, advanced methodologies, and countermeasures.
  • Technical expertise and guidance for professional alarm companies, central stations, central station operators and supervisors, security experts, local and federal law enforcement, certified protection professionals, physical security professionals, certified fire protection specialists, certified fraud examiners, certified criminal investigators, NICET certified technicians, fire protection engineers, electrical engineers, certified fire investigators, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), special investigation units, arson investigators, private investigators, lawyers, judges, undergraduate and graduate students whose course of study is in criminal justice, forensic science, physical security, electronic security, fire science, loss prevention, homeland security, private and public corporations, and consumers.

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A first of its kind authoritative peer reviewed forensic treatise on security systems which is part of the New York City Police Department’s Training Curriculum