NYPD Expert Instructor

Mr. Zwirn has been an active 18 year Designated Expert Instructor for the New York City Police Department’s Crime Prevention Section’s Basic Methods of Security Course (BMOS), and provides advanced training to meet the critical components of the NYPD, as it relates to the overall mission of the New York City Police Department. The BMOS course expertly trains law enforcement agents, both national and international, as well as the FBI, FAA, JTTF, State Department, and other Federal Agencies.

The New York City Police Department relies upon an instructor’s expertise to carry out the mission critical nature of this training curriculum, including providing curriculum for the test provided. The New York City Police Department’s Basic Methods of Security Course is coordinated by the Crime Prevention Section of the Office of the Chief of The Department. Its attendees include NYPD Officers, Captains, Detectives, Lieutenants, Joint Terrorism Task Force Members (JTTF), Counter Terrorism Bureau Members, Major Case Squad Members, Special Agents of the FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation, Port Authority Police, Crime Prevention Officers, and Deputies from The US Marshals Office.


 “For your continued dedication and support as an expert instructor in our Basic Methods of Security Course”