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A Forensic Alarm and Security Expert can be one of your most valuable assets. By way of background, IDS Research and Development, Inc. provides scientific and technical training curriculums to companies and employees nationally, regarding its policies, procedures, customs, habits, sales, security surveys, needs analysis, recommendations, system design, application, installation, programming, service, repair, inspection, testing, maintenance, and monitoring of all types of Security Systems. IDS also focuses on the respective equipment manufacturer’s specifications, Alarm Science, ™ UL® standards, NFPA® Standards, Requirements of The Authority Having Jurisdiction [AHJ], and Nationally Recognized Industry Standards and Best Practices.

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ and Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™

When You Want To Get Serious About Alarm Science™ And Security™…

Alarm Science Bootcamp - Alarm System Training

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ and Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™ are the most comprehensive training programs available for the alarm and security industries. Our training programs can be held live at your offices or broadcast to you via Webinar.

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ and Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™ were specifically created to provide scientific, technical, and real-world forensic based training in order to assist you and your employees in helping to minimize loss to your subscribers; from property damage, serious personal injury and/or even death. At the same time, our training programs can help minimize your company’s liability and loss potential as well.

For more than 40 years, Mr. Zwirn has been personally involved in alarm company operations and management, sales, recommendations, security surveys, needs analysis, design, installation, application, programming, inspection, testing, service, repair, maintenance and UL Listed Central Station Monitoring of thousands of security systems, and has forensically investigated thousands of alarm and/or security related cases and claims.

For 18 Years Mr. Zwirn has been actively recognized and designated by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) as an Expert Instructor, and has been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants across the country, to investigate cases and claims related to Property Loss, Personal Injury, Murder, Rape, Arson, Fraud, and/or when other catastrophic events occurred.

As a subject matter expert, Mr. Zwirn’s highly specialized education, skill, knowledge, training, experience and credentials, and his training to, and acceptance by the technical communities of the alarm and security industries, has amplified his ability to scientifically, technically, and forensically uncover the truth, and at the same time educate State and Federal law enforcement, authorities having jurisdiction [AHJ], code officials, private investigators, special investigation units, public and private organizations, and judges and juries across the country, as to the scientific and technical methodologies which he utilized to forensically investigate the facts of the case, what actually happened, did not happen, indicators of fraud, and/or the ways that things would have turned out differently, but for the actions and/or inactions of others, or not; and opine to a reasonable degree of professional, technical and scientific certainty.

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