Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ is a comprehensive training program that provides scientific, technical, and real-world forensic-based training to assist you and your employees to help minimize your company’s liability before a loss occurs. We will take you behind the scenes of actual forensic cases and claims where different types of alarm systems have allegedly failed, perform a scientific and technical examination for the failure to get a heightened sense of awareness in how certain methodologies and practices can result in a higher propensity to loss of property, serious personal injury, and even death.

This training is ideal for company owners, management, installers, technicians, sales professionals, central station operators and supervisors, in all areas of security system sales and system design.

This program is based on the peer reviewed Alarm Science Training Manual™ which was created and developed by Jeffrey D. Zwirn (CPP, CFPS, CFE, SET, FASI&T, MBAT, President of IDS Research and Development, Inc.), a nationally recognized alarm and security expert.

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Jeffrey Zwirn

Jeffrey Zwirn

President at AlarmExpert.com
Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, FACFEI, CHS-IV, SET, CCI, FASI&T, MBAT, President of IDS Research and Development, Incorporated has over 40 years of specialized expertise in the alarm and security industry, he is a 17 Year Active Designated Expert Instructor to the New York City Police Department (NYPD), the Nation’s Leader in Law Enforcement, Master Alarm Technician, Florida, New Jersey, and New York State Certified Burglar and Fire Alarm Contractor, Florida State Registered Electrical Contractor, Certified Burglar and Fire Alarm Specialty Electrician, Certified Protection Professional CPP-Board Certified in Security Management, ASIS International, Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) National Fire Protection Association International (NFPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified NICET Level IV Senior Engineering Technician (SET) in Fire Protection Engineering Technology/Fire Alarm Systems, Certified in Fire Protection Engineering Technology/ Automatic Sprinkler System Layout Level I, – National Institute For Certification In Engineering Technologies (NICET), Certificate Number 111275, a division of the National Society For Professional Engineers, Certified Criminal Investigator (CCI), through the American College of Forensic Examiners International ℠ (ACFEI).
Jeffrey Zwirn

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