Senior Engineering Technician (SET) In Fire Protection Engineering Technology/Fire Alarm Systems

Senior Engineering Technician (SET) In Fire Protection Engineering Technology / Fire Alarm Systems

image005Jeffrey D. Zwirn, President of IDS Research and Development, Inc. has achieved certification by NICET as a Level IV Senior Engineering Technician (SET) in Fire Protection Engineering Technology/Fire Alarm Systems, which is the highest level, and most advanced certification available through The National Institute for Certification In Engineering Technologies (NICET).

Certification By NICET is sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers. NICET was founded to improve the quality of engineering and technical services through a comprehensive examination program for engineering technicians.

As a nationally recognized examining body, the NICET Institute comprehensively evaluates the qualifications of technicians applying for testing certification. Technicians must present verification of their experience, competency, and knowledge. In addition, only with clearly demonstrated experience, achievement, expertise, and successful passing of NICET’s written competency tests, can technicians attain NICET’s credentialing standards. When a technician satisfactorily meets all of the criteria, the Institute will issue certification, recognizing that through education, experience, and knowledge this person has met the standards set forth by this institute. In addition, continuing professional development points (CPD) are required to maintain the NICET certification.

The NICET Vigorous Certification Process Includes:

  • The demonstration of technical expertise, competency, and commitment.
  • Achievement in and up to four advancing levels (I, II, III, IV) in Fire Protection Engineering Technology and Fire Alarm Systems.
  • To attain the highest level (IV) of certification, a minimum of ten years of relevant technical experience is required in order to qualify for the examination, and the applicant must then successfully pass (68) sixty eight comprehensive work elements.
  • Specialization in this particular area of Fire Protection Engineering Technology and Fire Alarm Systems includes, but is not limited to expertise in overall fire alarm system design, recommendation, application, installation, service, inspection, testing, maintenance, monitoring, and NFPA Standards.

NICET Certification carries the clout of a third-party, standards-based credential, granted by the oldest and most respected certifying organization for engineering technicians and technologists.