Industry Recognition

Leslie Cole Associates, Incorporated

January 15, 2015
Dear Jeff,

It was a pleasure meeting you on Tuesday at the ASIS Western New Jersey Chapter meeting. Your presentation was one of the best that I have heard at a Chapter meeting.

Bruce Harman, a friend and colleague of more than 40 years has heard you speak and encouraged me to attend and learn. Just in case you do not know, that is not our chapter. We attended the meeting just because Bruce wanted us to hear you speak. You did not disappoint. You lived up to everything that he said you were.

I am writing to encourage you to please go through the process and complete the Call For Presentation for the 2015 Annual Seminar and Exhibits in September. The presentation that I heard on Tuesday is the quality that should be shared with a wider audience. This year’s Annual seminar will be in Anaheim, California between September 26 to October 1.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting you and listening to you educate us on alarm systems as I have never heard it before.


Leslie Cole, Sr., CPP, CST, M.A. Criminal Justice
Cole Associates

Two Board Certifications, Served As Adjunct Faculty, 43 Years Experience in Security, Corporate Director of Security for Eight Years, Served as Consultant to the IMO (a UN Agency), Specialized Training in 53 Areas of Public Safety, Served As Chair of Two Different ASIS Standing Councils, and Training Completed With 23 Institutions and Organizations, including Initial Training Administered by the Government of Israel in 1968.

Security, Sales & Integration –

February 19, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Security Sales & Integration Magazine has been published for 35 years and is a nationally recognized peer reviewed alarm industry magazine which besides its expert staff, has twelve (12) of the industry’s most respected professionals as members of our Editorial Advisory Board. SSI continues to be the best written and most knowledgeable, opinionated, technical, in-depth and well-rounded “journalistic” brand serving the installing electronic security industry. Readers rely on SSI as a credible source of well informed, unbiased information. We filter out manufacturer hype to distill trustworthy messages based on real-world considerations.
SSI is known for producing ambitious, unique and technologically superior articles (“It Takes a Thief,” “Chief Bratton,” “9/11 Hero,” “Tom Ridge,” “Mystic Lake,” “5 Giants,” “HID in Plain Sight,” “Pelco Powers Up,” “Convergence 2.0” “Money Does Grow on Trees,” “Thought Leadership,” “Super Surveillance,” “D.U.M.I.E.S.” series and “Growing RMR With Managed Access”) that exceed the competition’s grasp. In addition, special recurrent editorial and original research includes: Annual security stocks report; SAMMY Awards; Integrated Installation of the Year; Installer of the Year; PDQ Award; Installation Business Report; Top 30 Innovative Products of the Year; Systems Integrator Study; Sales & Marketing Study; Security Spending Survey; Demographic Industry Census; Super Security Fleets; Law Enforcement Security Industry Study; Operations & Opportunities Report; Corporate End-User Study; SSI Hall of Fame, and annual “Market Reports.” The publication recorded 10 straight years as a Maggies Award finalist (including Best Overall Trade eight years in a row), having been a winner in 2005.
In an overcrowded field of trade media, industry veterans and newcomers alike single out SSI as their favorite — especially for our well balanced commercial/industrial and advanced technology focus, original research, revenue-generating ideas, executive Q&As, company profiles, case studies, and practical application items. A major contributor to this reputation is that, including our columnists and contributors, we have the industry’s most experienced editorial staff.
In addition, as SSI’s Editor-in-Chief I am highly visible participating at national industry events and have personal knowledge of Mr. Zwirn as being a nationally recognized expert in Alarm Systems, Alarm Science, and in the Forensic Study of Alarm Science and Systems since 1998.
It is important to note that SSI will not publish any articles unless they pass our rigorous standards for scientific, technical, and reliable methodology and are peer reviewed.
The articles Mr. Zwirn has provided to Security Sales since 1994 or have been written in our magazine about the forensic work of Mr. Zwirn are not only peer reviewed but are considered by SSI to be formed by Mr. Zwirn using reliable methodologies. In addition, our experience and history with Mr. Zwirn supports that he possess the education, skill, knowledge, training, and experience to provide reliable scientific and technical opinions regarding any type of forensic investigation involving alarm systems and Alarm Science.


Scott Goldfine, Editor-in-Chief
114 Chatworth Lane – Mooresville, NC 28117
Tel: 704-663-7125
Fax: 704-663-7145

Doyle Security Systems, Inc.

February 13, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,
We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to you and especially Jeffrey for being part of the Doyle Security Systems Annual Meeting on January 29, 2013. The feedback and response from our employees was very enthusiastic and positive. Everyone was impressed with Jeff’s presentation.
The alarm industry is highly complex and there many risks associated with our services. The information shared provided important reminders as well as new information that is tremendously valuable. There was something relevant to each and every employee who attended.
Thanks again for a most informative and entertaining program.

John Doyle
Doyle Security Systems, Inc.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

June 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that on March 8, 2012 Mr. Jeffrey Zwirn, President of IDS Research & Development, Inc. gave two guest lectures at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the City University of New York. He gave a 75 minute lecture at my undergraduate course, International Criminology (SOC 341). International Criminology is a 300-level course that analyzes the nature and causation of international and transnational crime and examines issues in the globalization of crime, including terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking, human trafficking and weapons dealing, among others.
Mr. Zwirn also prepared a power point presentation and gave a 2 hour lecture at my graduate course, International Crime and Justice Theory (ICJ 700). International Crime and Justice Theory examines the multicultural nature and etiology of international and transnational crimes. The course reviews various perspectives, approaches, and theories of crime and criminality that assist in understanding the development of new forms of crimes worldwide, and in developing international crime prevention policies. The course commences with grounding in theories developed in the cultural context of the United States, and expands to embrace theories from other regions of the world.
Mr. Zwirn, who has been actively involved in the development, application, design, installation, testing and inspection of thousands of burglar and fire alarm systems, gave the students a critical insight and analysis into alarm and security related issues. He elaborated on the “crime triangle” and the applicability of Rational Choice Theory in the context of burglaries and organized theft. His lectures were very informative and engaging. The students participated in a lively discussion on the importance of alarms in crime prevention policies. Mr. Zwirn prepared testing materials for the students and exhibited a high level of expertise in the subject matters taught.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Jana Arsovska, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Sociology Department
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
899 Tenth Ave. Room 520.40 New York, NY 10019
+1 (646) 557-4436

Bay Alarm Company

June 13, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for letting me partner with you in our presentation at the Electronic Security Expo this past June in Charlotte, North Carolina. This made the third time I’ve had the chance to work with you and I consider it a privilege each time. After each presentation I walked away with a new respect for how important it is in our industry to be professional, thorough, accurate, detailed and compassionate. Combined we have over 50 years of experience in the security industry, but your expertise is amazing.
Thanks again, looking forward to another opportunity to share in a presentation.

Mary Smith
Customer Care Manager Monitoring Division
Bay Alarm Company

Ira Hosid

October 5, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

The New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association asked me to join the board as education chairman. I believe this was based upon my past experience in the field of education. I was an electronics teacher at Indian Hills High School and finished my master’s degree as a principal/superintendant. I have written many courses for Indian Hills High School that were approved by the NJ Board of Education.
Upon becoming NJBFAA education chairman, I decided to review all of the evaluations that were submitted by the attendees at the end of each class at the 2010 Symposium in Atlantic City. This review was used as a guide in selecting instructors and classes for the 2011 Symposium. Fortunately, we had good evaluations on most of the classes, but like all evaluations, some instructors had a better rating than others. In my review, your classes received consistently great evaluations. I would say that your classes were in the top 10% of all evaluations. Please note that I am giving my opinion on a personal/professional basis and not as an endorsement from the NJBFAA. It is my concern to provide the best instructors for the industry. With that said, I am pleased to have you back for the 2011 Symposium.
Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Ira Hosid

Certificate of Appreciation
February 28, 2008

In Appreciation For Sharing Your Expertise
With Members Of Our Association
The Connecticut Alarm & Systems Integrators Association / CASIA

IDS Research and Development, Inc.

Morris & Kesten, LLP

January 12th, 2007

I have known Jeffrey since we grew up together in North Miami Beach, Florida, and we quickly became the best of friends. Jeffrey is the “Jack Nicholas” of the security industry. From an early age, in the late 1960’s Jeffrey developed a passion for a number of hobbies, the most important of which was developing alarm systems. As youngsters, I would visit Jeffrey’s house on almost a daily basis, and almost every day, Jeffrey would have another type of alarm system, which he totally put together from scratch. His dedication to the development of alarm systems continued through the years. When Jeffrey finally realized that he can put his unique gift on the market, he founded his own security company. His life-long experience and dedication in the security business is only surpassed by his reputation and knowledge of the security industry as a whole. I would recommend Jeffrey as an expert relating to all areas of the security industry without hesitation.

Jan Michael Morris, Esq.
Morris & Kesten, LLP
Attorneys At Law

Security Sales & Integration

May 16, 2006

As a frequent source of compelling and relevant articles through the years for Security Sales & Integration magazine, Jeffrey Zwirn has proven himself time and time again as one of the electronic security industry’s foremost experts on forensic alarm science. In addition to his unrivalled expertise in all matters pertaining to the correct design, installation and maintenance of security alarm systems, Mr. Zwirn embodies the utmost in professionalism and brings a wealth of wisdom and enthusiasm to all his pursuits.

Scott Goldfine
Security Sales & Integration
Campus Safety
Magazines/Web Sites

Eastern Kentucky University
Serving Kentuckians Since 1906
College of Justice and Safety
Department of Loss Prevention and Safety

April 2004
To: Whom It May Concern

From: Norman M. Spain, J.D., CPP
Professor & Program Coordinator
Assets Protection and Security
Subject: Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP
President, IDS Research & Development, Inc.
Teaneck, New Jersey

This open correspondence is to serve as a warm letter of appreciation for alarm system consultant Jeffrey Zwirn, CPP, who was an invited Executive Guest Lecturer at our University in April of 2004. Jeffrey made three separate presentations on fire and security alarm systems to undergraduate students enrolled in assets protection and security, and fire safety engineering technology programs. In these presentations, he provided an overview of security and fire alarm systems; discussed alarm system liability issues; and examined terrorism and homeland security with an emphasis on alternative uses of alarm system technology.
Each presentation was exceptional. Jeffrey was well organized, his slides were highly illustrative, and his enthusiasm was boundless. He tailored each presentation to the appropriate audience and engaged the students by talking about real issues and cases, and by showing slides and asking questions that encouraged them to think as professionals. For example, not only did he discuss appropriate uses of fire and burglar alarm hardware and related physical security equipment, he discussed inappropriate uses of this equipment, and showed slides of installed equipment that was improperly used and/or maintained. As part of these discussions, he provided invaluable insight on and demonstrated the need for proper alarm system policies and procedures, and employee training.
We felt very fortunate that he was able to visit our University and to share his professional knowledge and experiences with our students.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
From: Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA
March 2, 1999

Chairman of the Board
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Dear Mr. Zwirn

Thank you for your fax concerning the Revelle case. I was very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Best Wishes,
Joseph T. Wells

Pinkerton Security and Investigation Services
From: Minot B. Dodson
January 12, 1999

Executive Vice President
Pinkerton Security and Investigation Services
Dear Mr. Zwirn

Thank you for sending me the alarm case including George Revelle. You certainly set an example that is hard to beat.

Minot B. Dodson

Certificate of Appreciation
May 1987

Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Jeffrey D. Zwirn from Security Dealer Magazine, Arnold Blumenthal, Associate Publisher and Thomas S. Kapinos, Editor, for his participation on the National Security Dealer Troubleshooting Skills Examination.

Honeywell Alarm Supply

December 5th, 1980

To: Broward County Central Examining Board of Electrical and Specialty Electrical Contractors

I am assistant Branch Manager for Honeywell Alarm and Supply Co., and I have known Jeffrey Zwirn d/b/a IDS ALARMS and INTRUDER DETECTION SYSTEMS, INC. since November 1976. I deal with Mr. Zwirn on a daily basis selling him alarm supplies and discussing with him various alarm procedures, and the maintenance and repair of alarm equipment and can attest to his expertise in this field.
We have found Mr. Zwirn reliable in every way and look forward to a continuing relationship with him.

Warren Kuntzmann
Honeywell Alarm Supply

Honeywell Alarm Supply

September 11th, 1978

Jeffrey D. Zwirn, d/b/a I.D.S. Alarms, has been purchasing alarm supplies from our company for a period of about three and a half years.
We have found Mr. Zwirn reliable in every way and look forward to a continuing relationship with him.

Steven L. Creasy
Branch Manager
Honeywell Alarm Supply

Alarm Shield

May 15, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

As an insurance broker specializing in the alarm industry for over 25 years I have yet to meet a person whom has impressed me with his knowledge of alarm and security matters like Jeffrey Zwirn.
Jeff’s knowledge & experience is at a level that puts him top in his field and nearly impossible to challenge.
For the benefit of his client’s Jeffrey strives to educate himself about everything possible in the industry . . . which is no surprise why he is recognized nationally.
If you are in need of an alarm consultant, expert witness or one of the many other services offered by Mr. Zwirn I would recommend calling and better yet meet him in person . . . you will be amazed.

Very truly yours,

Ralph A. Costa, CIG
John T Costa Agency, Inc.
Alarm Shield
Insurance Program For The Alarm & Electronic Security Industry