Forensic Services

When you’re looking for an alarm systems forensics expert, IDS Research & Development, Inc. is the perfect option. We are able to supply a wide selection of comprehensive services for both organizations and individuals that will offer crucial info related to their cases, claims or trepidations concerning their alarm systems. At IDS Research & Development, Inc., we’re access control system and central station monitoring experts for defendants, plaintiffs, private investigators, attorneys, UL Listed central stations, alarm companies, security directors, claims professionals, risk and loss control managers, underwriters, special investigation units, cause and origin investigators, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ), consumers, courts, law enforcement agencies, government organizations, and private and public institutions. When it comes to details related with alarm tampering or breaches, we are devoted to providing truthful accounts. Our extensive experience is what qualifies us as a central station monitoring expert for forensic services, training or an expert witness.

Security Expert

The services we offer as a residential, commercial, and industrial alarm expert include, expert witness, consultation, forensic investigations, training, on location inspection, and laboratory analysis and testing, related to any alarm or security related issue. At IDS Research & Development, Inc. we are Certified Experts in Security and Alarm Systems. This means that we’re qualified to serve as a CFE expert witness in Louisiana in a court of law. IDS Research & Development, Inc. is a:

– Smoke detector expert

– UL Certificated Burglar Alarm expert

– NICET expert

– NFPA 72 Standards expert

– Motion detector expert

– CCTV surveillance system expert

– Carbon monoxide detector expert

– Alarm system forensics expert

– Alarm system failure expert

– Alarm system arson expert

– Alarm monitoring expert

– Certified fraud expert physical security systems

Our clients’ successes and triumphs are indications of our dedication to comprehensive investigations, that are directed at unveiling the truth so the matter can be properly handled legally. IDS Research & Development, Inc. supplies alarm system forensic investigation which could possibly be the difference between winning and losing your case or claim.

Electronic Security System Expert

Jeffery Zwirn, our owner has been involved in the system recommendations, sales, installation, design, programming, testing, inspection, service, maintenance, and monitoring of over three thousand security and life safety systems for a variety of residential, commercial, industrial and governmental applications. Mr. Zwirn has overwhelming amount in these crucial matters when there’s a need for professional information pertaining to alarm system industry standards. As an acclaimed expert instructor to the technical community of the alarm and security industries, Mr. Zwirn has written security and alarm system test questions, which have been accepted by The American Society for Industrial Security, ASIS International, for their highly coveted and internationally recognized Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certification Examination; and by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), for their new NICET Fire Alarm System Certification Program-Levels I to IV. Under Mr. Zwirn, IDS Reach and Development, Inc. is a credible board-certified master alarm technician, specializing in high/low temperature alert monitoring, an arsons expert, and subject matter expert alarm science. Jeffrey Zwirn is a highly decorated CFPS, CPP, FACFEI, CFE, MBAT, CCI, CHS-IV. As President of IDS Research and Development, Inc., he’s amassed more than forty years of specialized experience in the security and alarm industry to assist you by bringing the truth of your legal dispute to the surface. If you’re in need of an experienced CPP expert, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

UL Central Station Monitoring

As a top choice for those in need of a commercial alarm expert we are proud of our substantial knowledge concerning central and remote station monitoring. We’re aware of the many factors that are involved in central and remote station monitoring, putting us in a good position to serve an expert witness or provide forensic services. Particularly when they are automated, UL Central Station Monitoring companies are required to adhere to very specific regulations and protocols. Having a radio backup for telephone line security for central station monitoring is additionally essential for a system that’s effective. Should the phone lines ever be cut, this will especially be a lifesaver. Regardless of whether you require a defense alarm expert or forensic services in Louisiana, our expertise in central station monitoring means we’re the perfect option.

Fire Protection Engineering Technology Expert

Together with the fact that we have a specialty as a security alarm expert, we’re also here to offer services as a fire alarm systems expert. Our knowledge of fire alarm industry standards is unequalled, with more than 40 years of experience in the alarm and security industry. We’re capable of providing comprehensive services when it comes to both consultation and fire alarm system forensic examination as an NFPA expert. The CFPS board has recognized us at demonstrating a high level of both professionalism and expertise when it comes to the field of fire protection, which means you would be hard pressed to find a better choice when you need a CFPS fire alarm expert. The only choice you need to make is IDS Research & Development when you need a fire protection engineering technology expert. When it comes to forensics we’re capable of performing investigations which encompass design, application, programming, installation, central and remote station monitoring, and much more. Our qualifications make it possible for us to serve as a CFE alarm expert for all your requirements.

Forensic Services

The years we have served as a certified fire protection specialist make us the ideal option for a residential and commercial alarm system expert. We have developed a great deal of experience working with a large variety of types of fire alarms together with conventional heat detectors over the years. One example of this is the fact that we are totally qualified as a rate of rise heat detector expert. Rate of rise detectors aren’t meant to be used in place of smoke detectors. Rather, they have a few benefits of their own and can be used where a smoke detector can’t be installed. When you’re in need of a residential and commercial alarm system expert for an expert witness or forensic services, our experience with high/low temperature alert monitoring and other fire protection related services makes us the ideal choice.

Certified Fraud Examiner Central Station Monitoring

We additionally supply top notch services when it comes to training in addition to being able to serve as a certified fraud expert for physical security systems. The value that an independent alarm expert is able to have shouldn’t ever be underestimated. For those in the alarm industry, one of the wisest choices you could make is contacting IDS Research and Development and Nationally Recognized Alarm Expert Jeffrey D. Zwirn. The fact that the training we offer for you and your employees can help keep the liability to you and your company to a minimum additionally makes this a smart financial investment. We are capable of offering different options when it comes to our comprehensive training programs to suit your needs, from in office training programs or webinars broadcast over the internet. The NYPD has depended him as their designated Crime Prevention Sections Basic Methods of Security Course (BMOS) for more than 18 years, recognizing him as an expert alarm systems instructor. For a reliable a security alarm expert to perform training which is unequalled in the alarm industry, get in touch with us at IDS Research & Development.

Security Systems

If you’re in need of a qualified choice for an alarm expert, do not hesitate. Contact IDS Research and Development today. It doesn’t matter if you’re in need of forensic services or security need analysis – we are here to supply the service you need.