Course Catalog - Alarm Expert

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ and Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™ Course Catalog

25 Principles of Alarm Science AA0001
Alarm Science Boot Camp For Sales Persons, Installers, Technicians, Central Station Operators And Management AA0002
Ambush, Panic, and Holdup Systems AA0003
Burglar Alarm System Inspection, Testing And Maintenance AA0004
Central Station Policies, Procedures, Customs and Habits AAOOOS
Commercial Alarm System Design and Installation AA0006
Design and Installation of Carbon Monoxide Detection Systems AA0007
Electronic Countermeasures to Highly Skilled and other Types of Burglarious Circumvention Attacks AA0008
Equipment Manufacturers Specifications, UL Standards, NFPA Standards and Nationally Recognized Industry Standards and Practices AA0009
Existing Systems and Takeovers AA0010
Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp"‘ AA0052
Fire Alarm Signaling Systems AA0011
Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing. and Maintenance AA0012
Forensic Case Studies of Alarm Liability AA0013
Identifying Defects and Irregularities in Security System Design and Installation AA0014
OSHA and Industrial Safety: NFPA 70E AA0015
Installation, Application, Programming. Testing. Inspection, Service, Maintenance And Remote Station Monitoring of Security and Fire Alarm Systems AA0016
International Residential Code (IRC) AA0017
Machine Wired Screens AA0018
Medical Alarm Systems/ Personal Emergency Response System {PERS) AA0019
Minimization of Liability for Alarm Contractors: Techniques and Methodologies AA0020
NFPA 72®-The National Fire Alarm Code AA0021
NFPA 72® · The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code AA0022
Overt and Covert CCTV Systems AA0023
Sales in the Alarm Industry AA0024
Security Surveys and Risk Analysis AA0025
Service Ticket and Work Order Expert Skills AA0026
Smoke Detectors-The Science of Automatic Detection AA0027
Smoke, Heat, Gas and Duct Detector Systems; Design and Installation AA0028
Telephone Line Security Methodologies and Detecting the Phone Line Being Cut AA0029
The Alarm Contractor: Policies, Procedures, Customs and Habits AA0030
National Electrical Code (NEC) AA0031
The Security Survey, Physical Security, CPTED, Critical Detection Points, Analyzing the Risks and making the Proper Recommendations to Subscribers AA0032
UL Certificated Systems AA0033
Understanding the Fire Protection Handbook AA0034
Your Company On Trial AA0035
VOiP-Concerns, Issues and Limitations AA0036
Americans With Disabilities Act AA0037
Alarm Science AA0038
Barrier Free Subcode AA0039
Designing Fire Alarm Systems AA0040
Recessed Contacts: Aesthetically Pleasing or The New Liability AA0041
Residential Security & Fire alarm Systems AA0042
The Alarm Technician: Policies and Procedures AA0043
Alarm Company Ethics AA0044
Design & Installation Technical Writing Course AA004S
Fire Alarm System Technical Writing AA0046
Got Liability? A Forensic Alarm Experts Perspective AA0047
Selling Effective Security Systems AA0048
Troubleshooting Service and Maintenance AA0049
What is NFPA 730? Guide to Premise Security AAOOSO
What is NFPA 731? Standard for the Installation of Electronic Premise Security AA0051