Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

CPP stands for Certified Protection Professional. This coveted designation is awarded to industry professionals who demonstrate an in depth knowledge of security issues through academic excellence and practical experience.The following news release from the national headquarters of the American Society for Industrial Security speaks to the accomplishments of Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, SET, FASI&T, MBAT.


Arlington, Virginia – Jeffrey D. Zwirn joined the distinguished group of security professionals who have earned recognition as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP). Over 5,700 security practitioners worldwide have been awarded the CPP credential, which attests to an individual’s mastery of the body of security knowledge through job experience and academic study.To earn the CPP designation, Mr. Zwirn had to pass a difficult battery of mandatory and specialty exams after having met strict experience and/or education prerequisites. To maintain the credential, Mr. Zwirn will have to pursue a program of continuing education and professional activity to earn required recertification credits every three years. The CPP designation not only identifies the most qualified security professionals in the field, but it is an internationally recognized qualification.

In addition, the CPP designation is recognized both inside and outside the security field as a true measure of competency and commitment to the security profession.

The ASIS certification program is the first program of its kind to be awarded the SAFETY Act Designation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The SAFETY Act gives ASIS board certified practitioners and their employers immediate protection from lawsuits involving ASIS certification and the ASIS certification process that arise out of an act of terrorism.

ASIS International Certification Program Awarded
SAFETY Act Designation by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Program is first of its kind to receive recognition and protection afforded by designation

Alexandria, VA (July 25, 2006) – ASIS International (ASIS), the preeminent organization for security management professionals worldwide, has been issued a coveted “Designation” for its certification program under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology Act of 2002 (the SAFETY Act) from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.The purpose of the SAFETY Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter manufacturers of anti-terrorism technologies from developing and commercializing new products that could significantly reduce the risks or effects of terrorist events.

Specifically, the SAFETY Act designation affords ASIS board certified security practitioners-and the organizations they represent immediate protection from lawsuits involving ASIS certification and the ASIS certification process. The ASIS certifications are the first to receive this vital benefit of liability protection.

ASIS was also awarded SAFETY Act Designation for its Guidelines program in May of 2005.