Critical Security System Insights at ASIS International’s Annual Conference

Nationally recognized alarm and security expert Jeffrey Zwirn was selected by ASIS International to present mission critical insights about alarm and security system reliability in a workshop at the 61st Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits in Anaheim, CA. More than 20,000 security professionals from across the globe attended this conference to discuss new security challenges. Attendees also learned about innovative and state of the art solutions to mitigate all types of criminal and terrorist threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Those who attended Mr. Zwirn’s workshop entitled “How Secure Are Your Security Systems” reported they gained extremely valuable knowledge and information to enhance their work as security professionals. The workshop also taught them ways to better electronically protect the assets and persons whom they were responsible for.

Mr. Zwirn began by discussing the proper methodology of Alarm Science™ and Security System reliability from both forensic and technical perspectives. According to Zwirn, the core and fundamental factors that determine system reliability include “the proper security survey, needs analysis, system design, recommendations, installation, programming, testing, inspection, service, maintenance, and monitoring of the security systems.”

In addition, Zwirn explained the criticality of proper training and supervision for the person[s] who are charged with the duty of initiating each of these tasks. Zwirn also provided behind the scenes forensic information relating to case studies where security system failed, and the reasons why were scientifically and technically analyzed. Zwirn also addressed how to help identify serious defects and irregularities that cause security system failures, in order to help minimize property loss, serious personal injury and even death. The workshop also discussed the introduction of advanced electronic countermeasures that can be used against burglarious circumvention techniques as well.

The case of Marishia Scott vs. Foreline Security Corporation, in which the security contractor made critical flaws and acted deceptively, was presented as an example. The contractor claimed to install a bank’s security system and silent panic button alarm system. As a result the alarm contractor’s actions and inactions employees were left unprotected during the robbery and were unable to summon the police for help. This criminal act catastrophically led to the brutal murder of one teller and the paralysis of another bank employee. During his testimony, Zwirn educated both the judge and the jury of the expert opinions he formulated during his forensic investigation. After deliberating, the jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her $26,917,053.51 in damages.

ASIS International, founded in 1955, selected Jeffrey Zwirn to present this workshop based on his subject matter expertise in the fields of alarm and security systems.
Additionally, this presentation contributed to the organization’s mission to provide quality scientific and technical information to leading operational and security professionals around the world. In addition to setting benchmarks and standards for the alarm and security industry, to which Zwirn had contributed, ASIS International also strives to improve the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals globally.

Jeffrey Zwirn’s specialized education, skill, knowledge, training, experience and credentials are relied upon by other authoritative organizations as well. These include the Nation’s Leader in Law Enforcement, the New York Police Department [NYPD] where he has actively served in the NYPD as a Designated Expert Instructor for the past 18 years. In addition, Zwirn has worked with the Department of Corrections, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the United States Coast Guard, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Also, he authored the highly acclaimed and peer reviewed book The Alarm Science Manual™, which has set the standard among his peers and is part of the NYPD training curriculum. His firm, IDS Development and Research, Inc., provides consumers, business owners, legal professionals, investigators, security professionals and other interested parties with nationwide expert forensic and consultation services. The firm also provides security system analysis and design, consultation, and training services for the technical communities of the alarm, security, central station and law enforcement industries.

Extreme Alarm Science Boot Camp™

Alarm Science Boot Camp™ is a comprehensive training program that provides scientific, technical, and real-world forensic-based training to assist you and your employees to help minimize your company’s liability before a loss occurs. We will take you behind the scenes of actual forensic cases and claims where different types of alarm systems have allegedly failed, perform a scientific and technical examination for the failure to get a heightened sense of awareness in how certain methodologies and practices can result in a higher propensity to loss of property, serious personal injury, and even death.

This training is ideal for company owners, management, installers, technicians, sales professionals, central station operators and supervisors, in all areas of security system sales and system design.

This program is based on the peer reviewed Alarm Science Training Manual™ which was created and developed by Jeffrey D. Zwirn (CPP, CFPS, CFE, SET, FASI&T, MBAT, President of IDS Research and Development, Inc.), a nationally recognized alarm and security expert.

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