Certified Criminal Investigator (CCI) Program

The Certified Criminal Investigator (CCI) Program measures and assesses knowledge and competency of investigators in both the public and private sectors. Providing a foundation of forensics basics, this program creates a measure of standardization in the field of investigation. As the National Academy of Sciences’ report on the Forensic Sciences reflects, certification for investigators is more crucial than ever before to fill the gaps in the field.

Investigating criminal behavior involves many different facets. Investigators have to identify crime scenes, identify evidence (including trace evidence), conduct interviews, properly handle evidence, make out different wound types, and testify in court. Being efficient in these areas attests to the CCI’s knowledge as an investigator. Facets involved in the CCI credential are the history of forensic science, crime scene investigation, evidence, digital forensics, investigations, trials, homicides, cyber predators, death investigation, and physical autopsy.

This program is administered and certified by the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI).